Why LMS?

Q – Why it seems that Online Learning is not effective especially when it comes to students’ seriousness, regularity and punctuality?

To probe this crucial issue, lets get familiar with a few modern educational terms:

Blended Learning:

Most widely acknowledged, among 21st century educational practices, “Blended Learning” comprises a suitable blend of:

  1. Traditional face-to-face learning
  2. Online Learning

During the current pandemic situation the educational institutions are focusing more on Online Learning.

Types of Online learning:

  1. Synchronous Learning occurs with direct interactions between the teacher and students during learning through platforms such as Google meet, Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp etc.
  2. Asynchronous Learning occurs through Learning Management Systems. It is independent of time and space.
  3. Hybrid Learning is a professionally implemented blend of Synchronous and Asynchronous  Learning.


The main reason for the above mentioned issue, seems to be the over emphasizing Synchronous Learning and neglecting Asynchronous learning.

The solution is implementing Asynchronous learning by acquiring a robust LMS (Learning Management System) such as  EduAid LMS.