Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What amount is charged for development, installation, management and administration of EduAid LMS?

It depends upon the number of users and required facilities. Usually the amount is below US$ 2 per user per month.

What amount we have to pay, for purchase of servers and other hardware?

Nothing! As your institution does not require any IT Infrastructure.

However,  teachers working from home, require laptop or Chromebook . The writing device for teachers costs about US$ 30 each.

Students can use laptop, Chromebook, tablet and Android phone.

What will be the mode of payment?

Duration of contract is one year (12 months). Annual payment is charged in advance at the time of contract.

What amount is required for registration, hosting and maintenance of LMS website?

Nothing! If it is hosted from our serve.

However you have to pay for domain name registration.

What amount is required for faculty training?

US$ 50 per hour for online training.

Basic training requires minimum 10 hours.

How much will it cost for the institution to hire LMS Administrator/Manager?

Nothing! LMS designing, management and administration is included in our package. Institution is not required to hire LMS Administrator/Manager

Does EduAid LMS provide video conferencing through Google Meet or Zoom?

Google Meet and Zoom can be embedded in EduAid LMS. For public servers it is free. But if you wish to acquire high performance private server, you have to purchase the required package from Zoom or Google Meet.

However we recommend the installation of BigBlueButton Virtual Classroom which costs US$ 200 per month and supports 150 simultaneous users 24/7.

How much time will be taken to launch the LMS?

Two weeks approx.

Who will develop/provide syllabus and contents?

Content development is not our responsibility.

Your faculty will develop and upload their content.

Will there be a separate course page for each class?

There will be a separate category for each class containing separate pages for each subject.

Each teacher will also have a separate page.

Who can visit the course pages?

Only the authenticated user, with valid user ID and Password.

Teachers and students have different and privileges.

Parents will use student’s ID.

Coordinators and Principal can visit all pages.

What are the benefits for Institution in terms of quality of education and ease in operation?

Following are the benefits for institution in terms of quality of education and ease in operation:

  1. Synchronization with 21st century global learning practices.
  2. Enhance active and collaborative learning.
  3. Adaptation and utilization of modern technology.
  4. Motivation for students.
  5. Development of students’ soft skills.
  6. Reduced instructional hours.
  7. Instant feedback and communication with parents and students.
  8. Professional development of faculty members.
  9. Monitoring and control over students.
  10.  Reduced workload for faculty members.
  11.  Could be utilized to cope up with 10 core life skills as recommended by NICEF, UNESCO and WHO.
  12.  Very supportive in achieving compliance, with national quality assurance frameworks and
Why should we go for EduAid LMS, as we are already using Google G Suite Enterprise for Education?

EduAid LMS VS G Suite Enterprise for Education


G Suite Enterprise for Education charge US$ 4 per month per user

EduAid LMS charge below US$ 2 month per user

It means if you have 500 users you can save US$ 120,000 per year


The G Suite Enterprise for Education offers you following services:

Google Classroom,  Google Chrome Sync,  Gmail,  Google Drive,  Google Calendar,  Google Vault,  Google Docs,  Google Sheets,  Google Forms,  Google Slides,  Google Drawings, Google Sites,  Google Meet,  Jamboard,  Google Keep,  Google Tasks,  Google Groups, Google Contacts, YouTube, Maps, and Blogger.

I am using (Like most of the others) approximately all the services mentioned above, without spending even a penny. Because all these services are free for individual users. You are paying US$ 4 per month per user for getting only one functionality i.e. preservation of your “Organizational Knowledge”

Preservation of “Organizational Knowledge” simply means bringing all concerned user under one roof (your domain), so that no outsider can intervening and user cannot remove the content, even their own developed contents such as: presentations, quizzes and assignments they uploaded in their google classes.

A professionally designed Moodle based LMS like EduAid ensures preservation of Organizational Knowledge at higher level and can embed almost all of the frequently used google services such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Vault, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, etc. in your LMS with no or very small additional cost.

EduAid LMS VS Google Classroom

If we compare a grape with a watermelon, the gap might be sweeter. But can a single berry fill our appetite? Of course not!

I am using analogy of grape and watermelon considering the volume of functionality and services offered by Google Classroom and EduAid LMS. Please find our broacher in attachment and visit our website https://eduaid.onlne to explore the splendid features of EduAid LMS.

Also find the review “Bahrain Quality Assurance Framework and Moodle go hand in hand” in attachments.

For an external point of view please read the blog: