Why EduAid LMS?

Q – Why EduAid LMS?

  1. EduAid LMS is based on Moodle, the world’s most widely used open source platform supported by the huge Global Community.
  2. EduAid LMS is robust and invulnerable .
  3. EduAid LMS makes learning interactive.
  4. EduAid LMS is highly Configurable and Feature-Rich.
  5. EduAid LMS offers high flexibility; offers services to educational institutions ranging from early childhood schools to universities offering doctorates.
  6. EduAid LMS monitoring and reporting system makes it impossible for students to go unnoticed on their negligence or low performance.
  7. EduAid LMS is versatile, having provisions for: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, logical, inter-personal, intra-personal and literary Learner Styles
  8. EduAid LMS facilitates different modes of teaching, for instance:
    1. Transmission mode (Lecture Style)
    2. Transaction mode (Interactive Learning)
    3. Transformation mode (Student Delivered)
  1. EduAid LMS also supports different teaching styles such as:
    1. Authoritative Style
    2. Delegator Style
    3. Demonstrator Style
    4. Facilitator Style
    5. Hybrid Style
  1. EduAid LMS offers wide range of question types to be included in Quizzes, such as:
    1. MCQs (single/multiple answers)
    2. True/False
    3. Short Answer
    4. Fill-in-the-blanks
    5. Numerical
    6. Essay
    7. Description
    8. Matching
    9. Drag and Drop
    10.  Surveys

EduAid LMS Resources
There is a wide variety of resources and utilities available with EduAid LMS, which can be utilized to enrich any academic programme. To name a few:

1. Online Summative and formative Quizzes 8. Surveys
2. Lectures Video 9. Wikis
3. Online Books 10. Group Projects
4. Online Assignment Submission 11. Gradebooks (Accumulated Results)
5. Online Chat 12. Forums
6. Student Feedback 13. Audio/Video
7. File Sharing 14. LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)

Students’ performance Evaluation and Monitoring
EduAid LMS offers and supports continuous evaluation utilities. Where individual performance, whole-class performance and students’ relative performance is shown with numeric, graphical and analytical presentations. Just few examples are shown below, from the exceptionally wide range available

ELearning Interactions & Gamification
We Convert education into entertainment by using highly engaging, eLearning interactions.
Our media-rich interactions are based on Instructional Design models such as: ADDIE Model, Gagné’s Nine Steps of Instruction, Keller’s ARCS model of Motivation and Constructivism etc.
Our professionals develop eLearning interactions using softwares like: H5P, Articulate Engage, iSpring suit, Lectora, Storyline and Raptivity.
wide range available

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 

Through LTI facility hundreds of elearning repositories are embedded into EduAid LMS such as Khan Academy, Ted Ed, CK-12, Teachers Tube, Slideshare and Wikitonary etc. containing thousands of elearning interactions and resources, which can be provided to students free of cost.